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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Upcoming parties and club nights in and around jozi

DATE: Fri-22-Apr
EVENT: One One Five
DJ’s: Kid Fonque & Octave
VENUE: 115, Anderson Street, Downtown
MUSIC STYLE: Deep Eclectic House Beats
Cost: R50 Non Members, R40 Members

DATE: Sat-23-Apr
EVENT: Best Kept Secret Present B-Sides Launch
DJ’s: Glynn, Kid Fonque & Milkbar Kid
VENUE: Color Bar, 44 Stanley Ave. Milpark

DATE: Sat-30-Apr
EVENT: XC-Live present Home Cooking Exclusive
VENUE: 115, Anderson Street, Downtown
MUSIC STYLE: Deep Eclectic House Beats
DJ’s: Terence, Nick Lumb, Bret Jackson, Clive
R50 Non Members, R40 Members.

DATE: Sun-1-May
EVENT: The Block Party
VENUE: Natural Groove, 163 Hendrik Verwoerd Drive, Metro Centre, Randburg
MUSIC STYLE: Deep Tech Funky House
DJ’s: SUNSHINE FLOOR: A.B, Erica, Lady Lea, Ryan Dent, Roger D’Lux, Manuel Oetll
ROOF TOP 2: 2Lani, Craig Massive, Pimp Squad, Craig De Sousa, Nick Mathews, Dececptors (Jason Lee & C-Smooth)
MAIN FLOOR: Kevin Grenfield, Les Afrique, Harael, Coco Loco, Brandon Block ( UK), Ricardo, Jay G ( UK), Jules
BASEMENT FUNK: Nic Lumb, Mark Hedtrich, Marco, Missred
Pre-Sale: R70, R90 Before 5pm, R100 After, VIP R120

Rergular Nights

DATE: Tuesdays
EVENT: Saladomundo Sessions
VENUE: 88’s, Williams Road, Norwood
DJ’s: Kid Fonque, Dror, Glynn and Guests
MUSIC STYLE: Broken beats, Bossa, Deep house and all things lazy
COST: Free

DATE: Thursdays
EVENT: Thursdays Night
VENUE: The Jewel Bar, 130 11 th, Parkmore, Sandton
DJ’s: Various DJ’s
MUSIC STYLE: Funky Deep House
COST: R30, ladies free before 10pm

Delicious snacks and Deep House

Soul Candi member and Afrobeat favorite, DJ Clive has started a unique deep house night at downtown club 115. Together with partner Xolani they have organised to have chefs prepin' food while DJ's spin tracks. Here is what he had to say in a recent interview with Bob from :

It’s CX-LIVE entertainment, that’s me and my partner Xolani (AKA X). Marco from One One Five approached Mbuso and I to have a night on Saturdays, we agreed on it and we thought of calling it Soulcandi Sessions. The thing is no one put effort in it so I took it upon myself to do it, I called it “Home Cooking Exclusive”, basically the concept is DJ’s and Cooking Chef’s back to back!

Home Cooking is certainly one of the more original nights to come out of the city and we will be sure to cover it in coming weeks. Its on the last Saturday of each month at 115 (that 115 anderson street , jozi )

Check it

Deep house and dub at the top of africa!

Went to an architectural conference after party (yeah I know go figure!) on the 55th floor of the Carlton center, smack bang in the heart of Jozi. The view from up there is incredible and to see the entire city of Johannesburg around you while you listen to some deep tracks like tortured soul's "fall in love" is breathtaking. While the mixing from the DJ's was poor , the track selection was top notch and suited the inner city urban vibe. Top dub band 340ml played a set that had the whole crowd on their feet, jumping around and wailing "inna dub" at fever pitch.

Man , that place is a great venue for parties. I will have some pictures up in the main site this weekend for you to check out. Hope more guys do parties there in the future, it really will knock the socks off the punters and the dj's who play there.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

SAMA dance music winners

Well ahem...hmmmm, for those of you who missed the SAMA's congrats. The show was badly planned, poorly executed and the bulk of the performances could be executed with more zest than a group of accountants drunk on Karaoke evening!

This year Best Duo or Group went to house producers and dj's Revolution while Best Dance Album went, rather questionalbly, to Lebo. For those of breaks persuasion, Best Rap Album went to Selwyn.

I think its time these catergories were judged by people who actually involve them selves in these genres and furthermore I think we need to diversify these categories as Dance and Rap are hardly befitting for the wide variety of electronica that South Africa is able to showcase. Prehaps we will see the rise of more genre specific award ceremonies in SA, who knows...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

'Stealing' the party and more

As you may or may not know the last Rustlers "Being Human" festival held recently was cleared out of its cash by some dodgy peeps at the festival on the last day. The Rustlers valley, which is a foundation of the South African festival scene, is heavily reliant on these annual parties for its upkeep.

In an attempt to recoup some of its losses, the Rustlers valley team will be holding another party in the valley over Saturday 23 April. Many of the DJ's from the Being Human event will be in attendance and R100 gets you in, camped and partied up.


Deep house super star Kaskade will be touring SA again after the enormous success of his last tour in'03. The "its you its me" producer and dj will be covering Joburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth in the national tour. The Jozi event will be held on Friday 29 April at Carfax ( . There will be 3 dancefloors and Harael, Phat Jack and Brett Jackson will be a few of the DJ's on rotation that eve. R100 gets you in (eish i know)