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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fellow SA deep house head Otto from the Jam Jar Crew has started a column for the traditionally 'rave' based SA website Mr Spencer. The column will cover a variety of issues within deep house including the international and local histories of the deep house scene, artists, major players within South Africa and debates and discussions around its future.

Check it out :

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

South African Music Awards (SAMA) dance music nominees

SAMA nominees for dance music. Check it out:

-Brothers of Peace: The D project: Life 'iskorokoro
-DJ's at Work: DJ's at Work 4
-DJ Cleo: Es'Khaleni
-Lebo Mathosa: Drama queen
-Revolution: Another level

Will let you all know who the winner was next week


Sunday, April 10, 2005

Troydon continues to make SA deep house heads proud

Every time I look through international deep house sites, I pick up Troydon's name in posts, track selections and more. The boy from Jozi has set himself up in NYC and is pumping out tracks on top international labels such as Grab recordings, Nightshift and Gallery. Keep on checking out for stuff by Troydon, he has already had some remix treatment from Mark Farina and this always has to be a sign of strength.

Listen to this track on the "out and about ep" on nightshift. Here

Click here if you want to purchase Troydon's tracks

DJ Claude's Stereo Candi : Essential Tunes 2 finally out !

So after bypassing the release date by almost a month the next installement in South african house DJs, DJ Claude's, compilations is finally out in stores (wow shitty english rules supreme!). Stereo Candi: Essential Tunes 2 apprently follows along the same lines as its predeccesor, smooth rolling deep house with that fine vocal touch that Claude loves to add. Expect tracks from the likes of Magic Number, Phonique, Aya, Quentin Harris, Franck Roger and Morgan Page. Joburg based radio station YFM has been punting this album to the point of exhaustion so here's hoping it lives up to the hype. Im off to the store now to have a listen let you guys know what I think soon.

In stores now in SA.

Ill try to find out international friends a good online supplier.