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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Artist Check: Five Men Three Missing

With a name chosen from a competition at their first gig, these guys have definitely got a unique approach to their music and performances. Five Men Three Missing is a Johannesburg based band consisting of two guys (clever name huh?) Emile Hoogenhout and João Orecchia. Their sound is a mix of genres from dub influence to electronica with a beautiful fusion of live instrumentation and sample based work. They also have a rather unique live performance:

"For this band, performing a track is unlike any other. The song begins with the live performance of a short instrumental piece. This segment is recorded live, and looped in real time, so that it is continues to be heard by the audience in recorded format. As more parts are recorded live, they are laid over one another in sequence. This creates ‘layers' of loops which are synchronized in a time pattern. " Five Men Three Missing Myspace

Lets hope these guys get to do some touring outside of South Africa as their gigs have an amazing interactive vibe (see video and pictures on their profile ) and I'm sure their sound would go down really well in Europe.


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