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Friday, September 16, 2005

Brett Jackson starts radio show again

Friday 16.09.05: South Africa’s top Deep House DJ Brett Jackson returns with his new “Lost and Found” mix, at 1PM US Eastern / 6PM UK / 19:00 Central European Time. (Brett is on tour in Europe right now. See the Springbok Agency for info on his eupoean tour.

Click here for the show

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Audio Affair brings Dave Togher home

So the prodigal son of South African deep house returns home. Well, at least for a few days! Somewhat of a deep house legend (well a bit of a unsung hero actually) in South Africa, Dave Togher(aka Murmur) will be back in South Africa with production partner Graeme White to play at the songwriters club on Oct 1 2005. The UK based duo have been at the heart of a quite storm that has seen the rise of minimal house,tech, glitch(what ever the hell yopu wanna call it).

Support will come from local DJ's Amit, Dror, Jay Jay and Phat Jack. Furthermore world renknowned VJ Code FC will be splashing the walls with crazy visuals for the masses.

80 of those ronds will get you in , 60 if you get there before 22h00.

PS If your'e into some minmal deep house/tech check out Murmur-Boundaries