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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Deep house and dub at the top of africa!

Went to an architectural conference after party (yeah I know go figure!) on the 55th floor of the Carlton center, smack bang in the heart of Jozi. The view from up there is incredible and to see the entire city of Johannesburg around you while you listen to some deep tracks like tortured soul's "fall in love" is breathtaking. While the mixing from the DJ's was poor , the track selection was top notch and suited the inner city urban vibe. Top dub band 340ml played a set that had the whole crowd on their feet, jumping around and wailing "inna dub" at fever pitch.

Man , that place is a great venue for parties. I will have some pictures up in the main site this weekend for you to check out. Hope more guys do parties there in the future, it really will knock the socks off the punters and the dj's who play there.


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