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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

SAMA dance music winners

Well ahem...hmmmm, for those of you who missed the SAMA's congrats. The show was badly planned, poorly executed and the bulk of the performances could be executed with more zest than a group of accountants drunk on Karaoke evening!

This year Best Duo or Group went to house producers and dj's Revolution while Best Dance Album went, rather questionalbly, to Lebo. For those of breaks persuasion, Best Rap Album went to Selwyn.

I think its time these catergories were judged by people who actually involve them selves in these genres and furthermore I think we need to diversify these categories as Dance and Rap are hardly befitting for the wide variety of electronica that South Africa is able to showcase. Prehaps we will see the rise of more genre specific award ceremonies in SA, who knows...


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