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Monday, August 25, 2008

Dj Mujava : the one to take the South African house sound global??

We keep hearing about THAT South African artist who is going to take the local Kwaito/Pretoria/SA house sound global and it just falls short each time. Is Dj Mujava's "Township Funk" track the one to do this? It certainly has ticks all the boxes and seems more relevant than ever in light of all attention on the bmore sound, baile funk and african electronica is getting.

Dj Mujava has recently been signed to Warp and this is what they have to say about it:

"‘Township Funk’ is tough, dark, African dance music from the industrial city of Pretoria, South Africa.
It’s perhaps the most infectious dance record you’ll hear this year, echoing the early Warp sound of LFO or the Forgemasters in an uncanny way, almost 20 years on, across continents.

Is South Africa the new hip place for electronic music ?
Maybe….but we certainly hope that South African house will go worldwide with this track.

‘Township Funk’ will be released on Warp Records on 12″ on september 15th worldwide (excl UK) and available on all good digital outlets early, from august 11th.
In the UK, it will be released by the good people of This Is Music LTD."

This is already getting some coverage in the blogosphere and more recently in the Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom. With a mid-September release lets see what happens...


At 6:29 PM , Anonymous Ntwiga said...

DJ Mujava has been getting lots of coverage in the press - the Times wrote about him about a month ago.


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