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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Reboot: Notes from a new generation

I really dont know how I only found out about this excting project now! Reboot: Notes from a new generation is a coop project between a LA based humanitarian organisation and OM Records. The project will see proceeds of the CD sales going to African children orphaned by Aids.

This is an exiciting project as artists like Mark Farina, Marquess Wyatt, J boogie, Ron Trent and Louie Vega have donated , mostly unreleased material, to the compilation. But what makes this really exciting for South African deep house heads, aside from the charitable benefit of the CD, is the presence of our own deep house produvers, Vinny da Vinci, Troye and Troydon on the compilation alongside these major international artists. This is surely signals the coming of age of South African deep house!!

Buy here : Musicstack : Search: 'Reboot: Notes from a new generation'
or here: Gemm: Search: 'Reboot: Notes from a new generation'