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Friday, May 16, 2008

Soulphiction new album for 2008 out now

Album Cover : Soulphiction - Do you overstand?!
Germans make some of the best house out there right now. Soulful and deep without the cliche sounds of so much house that gets stuck on "now-thats-jazzy-house-44" type compilations. Its fresh and interesting and packs a punch. Soulphiction encapsulates whats great about German house music with his new offering "Do you overstand?!" (Sonar Kollektiv) which came out last month.

The way he puts his material together has got some people saying he is stripping house down to something else. Well yes he stripping house down to what it should be a feeling, not a formula. This album pulls me back to Ron Trent / Chez Damier tracks on Prescription in its simplicity and intensity. And yes...also to many parralels to Moodymann and Theo Parrish.

Check some of this album out...


At 10:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

those tracks on his myspace profile are pretty darn phat.

Get Your Head Up!

GhanaWadada ;)



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