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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Itstillmusic: top tracks from this label

Itstillmusic... You guys know this label? I didn't until roughly a week ago when someone posted a piece on the label on the afrobeat forum. I decided, out of curiosity, to have a look and man was i impressed ! The first thing that caught my eye was a remix by Amp fiddler that I recognised. The rest of the material on this label was sterling...classy and sophisticated deep house with a slightly techy edge. Check out these tracks:

-the godson : soul edge part 2 e.p.
-patchworks : sugar e.p. (this is the one with the Amp Fiddler remix) check it

Also for those who prefer their deep house with a techy edge check out Farbin (hope i got that right!). Very nice minimal stripped down techy bizness.



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