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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Glen Lewis allegedly pulls a fast one !

Seems like the Glen Lewis track "Life Everlasting" is getting some decent coverage in the US and UK. The South African DJ/"Producer" has released the track on funk la planet/f with remixes from Dennis Ferrer and Osunlade. While this is great that South African deep house is finally getting some hard earned exposure, I need to lay down my views on this specfic track...

A little bird perched itself on my shoulder recently to let me know that this track is in fact NOT Glen Lewis produced but Glen Lewis purchsed!!! Yes, the rumour mill is turning that Glen Lewis in fact bought the track from another South african producer, laid down some vocals on top and voila...Glen Lewis releases a hit ! Dodgy man, very dodgy.

Here are some SA artists who have got some international exposure( hopefully producing their own material):

-Craig Massiv
-Troye Lilly
-Brothers of Peace (BOP)


At 6:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

good comment, keep it real you saffa's


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