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Monday, April 04, 2005

Sad end to the South African Music Convention SAMC

The SAMC ended with some sour grapes at the final party at Carfax. The final party for the SAMC had a killer line up with many of the major top SA DJ's and international masters like Jef K, Charles Webster and Franck Roger gracing the decks on the night. Top spinner, Chalres Webster was placed late in the eve in a town known for its late partying (see club 115 !!).

To the shock of the punters, the club closed its doors at 4am from both clubbers walking in late and those who had paid already but had left and come back. Even those who had paid the hefty fee for the VIP tickets were not allowed back in. Furthermore, those inside were cleared from the dancefloor shortly after the doors were closed. For an event that was meant to see out the first of this kind of conference in SA this seemed to be somewhat of a dissapointing end given the enourmous turnout for the closing party and the excellent lineup that could of taken the party into the eartly morning hours.

Lets hope the next SAMC conference will be a little better planned and with executed with more foresight.


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