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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Scandies rock the party!

After recently coming back from a trip to Norway, I decided to look a bit deeper into the music scene in the Scandinavian countries. What I discovered was a groundswell of electronic music coming out from this area!

With big stars like Eric Prydz and Rasmus Faber putting Sweden on the map, more media attention has moved to the Scandinavian areas.

i-DJ recently ran an article on Sweden's growing electronic scene ("Swede Sensation") talking about the growth of Swedish artists and labels in all electronic music genres.

Rasmus Faber, deep house big league player, had this to say about Sweden:

Â?The club scene is quite small compared to many other countries, but the environment for making music is great. There are lots of talented and skilled musicians, vocalists, songwriters, and producers, many with a great level of technical skill.Â?

It will certainly be worth keeping an eye/ear on what goes on in Sweden musically. We already know that hip hop, deep house, breaks and jazz noodly stuff is well established here so Im sure we can expect lots more from this area!

PS. check out SUMO if you dont know them already, Swedishsh house duo with an album cover to rival any Abba shots!


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