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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 looking for demos

To all those aspiring producers outthere, the coveted community site has put out a call for demos for their upcoming compilation:

Ok, so this is the official word we are working on a new compilation. Once again, on Beyondjazz vol. 3 we compile a bunch of great exclusive tracks from both known and unknown talents. Yes, we dropped the 'sampler' part of the title. More news about the details later, because right now we are looking for demo's.

So you bedroom producers out there, time to show us (and later the rest of the world) what you've been working on! Doesn't matter what style it is, as long as it fits in the Beyondjazz picture. We'd like to get your tunes before June please.

There's several ways to get your music to us: Yousendit and the alternatives, host it somewhere, MSN, or snail mail to Lensco:
Lennart Schoors
St.-Pietersnieuwstraat 184
9000 Gent


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